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Our Products and Technology

Pacific Advanced Technology specializes in building and developing imaging spectrometers based on our patented Image Multi-Spectral Sensing (IMSS) technology.1 Using IMSS technology allows for a low cost, light weight, high throughput, robust approach to imaging spectroscopy. Using IMSS enables hyper-spectral imaging in the band sequential mode and allows the selection of all bands within the free spectral range or only the spectral bands of interest. The IMSS instrument can dwell on a single band for multiple frames thus allowing improved signal to noise.

We have IMSS products that cover the spectral regions in the visible, NIR, MWIR and LWIR. A custom instrument tuned for your specifications is possible.

The PAT IMSS technology is used for various commercial applications such as the Sherlock for the petrochemical industry to find gas leaks, monitor stack emissions, analyze flare efficiency or monitor for the lower explosive limit of fugitive leaks. The IMSS can also be used by the Department of Defense for applications such as missile warning, surveillance, passive IFF, and numerous others.


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